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Easy As ABC

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

Maybe I should have considered whether I actually wanted people to start singing Jackson 5 in their head when they saw my business' name, but we are.

I used to get annoyed to the fullest extent when I would tell someone that I was in business school and their response was:

Oh! So you're going to start a business?

Hopefully, no one ever saw my eyes actually rolling...

"No I am not going to start my own business"

+ insert my explanation of what the business industry occupations consisted of

I was a marketing major, but it was almost more annoying to see how confused they were at what a "marketer" actually did, so I typically skipped right into the general reply that I was getting a business degree.

If you were ever wondering if God had a sense of humor, here I am... starting a business.

Maybe the confusion behind what a "marketer" did should have been a trigger in my mind that marketing was still a new concept to a lot of people. Which is why starting Alli Branding Company was such an obvious need to me. I started ABC to help small business understand and learn marketing to help their businesses not only survive, but to grow.

So where does branding come in?

A brand is bigger than any marketing effort. It's the foundation and the trajectory of an entire business structure.

Branding is the being. Marketing is the doing.

Branding is the story. Marketing is the delivery.

Branding is the why. Marketing is the how.

Branding is long-term. Marketing is short-term.

Branding creates. Marketing promotes.

One doesn't really exist without the other. And in creating my business model and looking at the small businesses I would be serving, I realized that a lot of those businesses needed to re-evaluate their why so that I could provide them with the how. Thus, Alli Branding Co. was born.

ALSO, I thought it was pretty cool that the initials would be "ABC" and it immediately gave me a catch phrase -

Making growing your business as easy as "ABC"!

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